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History of Walton Waves & Youth Swimming

Yarko and Dianne Foltyn organized Walton Waves in 1992 to provide Recreatiional Swimming to the residents of Walton County and surrounding counties. Yarko & Dianne started up all the swimming teams in Walton County and were the first coaches for Youth Swimming, Walton Waves, Loganville High School, George Walton Academy Swimming, Walnut Grove Swimming, Social Circle Swimming, Loganville Christian Academy and started up Providence Christian Academy swim team as well.

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Welcome to the home of Walton Waves Swimming

Walton Waves is a 30 year old year-round swim program positively influencing athletes and their families through swimming.  Our program has been producing local, state, regional, and national caliber swimmers since the 1980's.  We have coached multiple thousands of swimmers over the years and hope you come visit with us, and become part of our fun swim family and strong tradition of excellence. 

~ Yarko and Dianne Foltyn

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REGISTRATION is NOW open for WW 2022 and YOUTH SWIMMING 2022- Practice at the Ga. Aquatic Center in Watkinsville

WALTON WAVES Swimming is located at the Ga. Aquatic Center in Watkinsville

 Feb. 7, 2022 - July 21, 2022      6 - 7:30 pm   Mon., Tues., Wed.

YOUTH SWIMMING Summer Team          

May 17th - July 20        10 and under    6 - 7 pm  Mon, Tues, Wed

                                       11 and up          6 - 7:30 pm Mon, Tues, Wed


                    CALL 770-490-6401 with any questions!

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Walton Waves and YS Summer 2022

WW Spring 2022 and Youth Swimming Summer Swim Team (May 17)

Practicing NOW

Groups for all ages and levels.

Call 770-490-6401 to sign up today.


in Watkinsville GA

GA Aquatic Center in Watkinsville GA

1545 S Bishop Farms Pkwy, Watkinsville Ga 30677

Practice will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday -  check calendar for times and groups.

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COVID-19 Policies Quick Guide

Hi Swim family! It's been so great seeing everyone in practice! Here are some quick reminders about the safety protocols in place at the Snellville & Watkinsville Locations. Thank you!

*We are required to come to practice already changed into our swim suits. The restrooms are limited access, and for restroom use only, no changing allowed. Please make every effort to have your suit on when you arrive at the pool.

*Please continue to observe the 6+ feet social distancing policy recommended by Health Officials, because that allows us to continue using the facility. 

*We will continue to check patron's temperatures until officials recommend that it is ok to curtail this process. 

*Parents to sit outside the fence during practices, to limit non-cohabitating personal interactions and to provide more ample deck space for our athletes to train.

*Swimmers will utilize one-way traffic to enter and leave the pool area, entering thru the front gate, and leaving thru the side gate. 

*Please feel free to wear an appropriate facemask. 

*Be sure to bring your own training equipment and personal water bottle to hydrate during practice. No refilling of water bottles is allowed, so be sure you bring plenty of hydration! 

These are crazy times, but we Hope these reminders find you well, and we appreciate our continued collective adherence to these policies so we can keep our sport safe and fun! See you at the pool! 

**See the DETAILED Covid training plans further down this page!!**

Yarko & Dianne

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​COVID Phase 1 Detailed Procedures & Policies June & July, August and September

Walton Waves & Youth Swimming Family,

Whenever we are training at our Watkinsville Location or our Snellville Location at 2005 Haynes Creek Ln SW, we have developed a safe, phased approach to return to a team training schedule as outlined below.

  1. Waves plan to return to the pool: Phase 1 & Phase 2
  2. Safety Recommendations & Precautions & Social Distancing
  3. Schedules
  4. Registration & Pricing
  • All team members wishing to participate in training sessions in Snellville, are required to register as USA Swimming athletes prior to beginning training.
  • Communicable disease form and all waivers must be completed and on file in our office prior to training.
  • Training time, group size and lane space is limited. Registrations will be accepted on first come first serve basis.
  • Team size will be limited, initially.
  • Monthly prices for June and July will remain the same, except for Senior Age swimmers. All Select, Senior, & HS/Rec group members will be charged the same price ($150) for the months of June & July.

After registrations are received, Waves Staff will determine group sizes and assign swimmers to appropriate group. This information will also determine staff size, and will allow us to post the June/July & August/September schedule, beginning June 1st.

SAFETY (in the Pool)

Adhering to current safety recommendations from CDC, state, local, healthcare professionals, and USA Swimming, our staff has established an initial Phase 1 return to practice schedule, along with 6 feet social distancing safety expectations for our return to the pool. As recommended by epidemiologists, we are taking a conservative approach to resuming swimming activities.

We completely understand that not all families currently feel comfortable returning to swim practice. While your participation is welcome, we understand and support any decisions to postpone your return to the water. Each family should do what they feel in their best interest.

We envision this to be a multi-phase process as we introduce our members back to the pool. The plan we are sharing will be Phase 1 of our reentry procedures. We will not put a timeline on when we will proceed to Phase 2. Instead, we will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Phase 1 accordingly and use this information to develop Phase 2.

Our initial plans for a return to the water will include limited swimming with ample opportunity to ensure minimal contact with entering and exiting groups, and adequate cleaning of all surfaces. We are implementing two swimmers per lane as we return to training. We have chosen this strategy because we want to keep total facility usage low as we all learn how best to manage operations where social distancing is critical. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Parents are required to sit outside the pool or fenced area. No seating will be available, but you may bring your own chairs for your personal use and remove chairs daily.

Restrooms are for 'Emergency Use Only.' No restroom facilities are offered during practices.

Our goal to move to phase 2 (where we can introduce more swimming and dryland) would come after we know that we can do this safely for all staff, swimmers, and parents.

Our plan to reintroduce athletes to the water depends on everyone’s (athletes, parents, and staff) cooperation and adherence to safety protocols. We expect everyone in the WAVES family to practice social distancing both at and away from the pool. By doing this, it shows you respect your teammates, their families & WAVES staff. Should we feel anyone is consistently not adhering to social distancing guidelines, they or their family’s participation in WAVES/Youth activities may be suspended. Our staff also reserves the right to discontinue practices at any time should they feel safety expectations are not being met.


Athletes will remain in the training group they were in prior to the suspension of practices because of COVID-19. Coaches will address group promotion at the appropriate time. In our professional opinion, we feel it is currently most important for the athletes to have familiarity with their group and surroundings. Introductions to new groups will only create unneeded stress.

To be eligible to begin training, we need the following from you:

*YOU MUST REGISTER. You will sign waivers that you have read the above policies and that you are committing to being part of the team going forward.

*YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL USA SWIMMING SAFE SPORT PROTOCOLS. This includes all parents and swimmers, because USA Swimming has expanded this to parents also. For your swimmer to be eligible to participate in practices, these online classes MUST be completed. The deadline for completion will be August 5th. After you have registered, you will receive instructions for the online course(s) to be completed.


  • Athletes will only be permitted to enter the building 5 minutes before their scheduled practice. If they arrive early, they must wait in their car until the appropriate time to enter the building.
  • Athletes must leave the facility and parking lot immediately at the completion of any practice.
  • Parents/spectators will not be allowed in the pool or fenced area at any time and are expected to practice social distancing when waiting for their swimmer. We understand this may bring Safe Sport concerns. With the facility being completely open and the fence/glass being transparent, we feel these practices are open and observable to meet Safe Sport standards. We will re-evaluate our procedures when we resume indoor training.
  • Please use the front pool gate for entrance. All doors/gates to the facility will be propped open to limit contact with surfaces.
  • Please use the side exit near the shower for egress. One way traffic is observed and practiced.
  • Athletes should be prepared to arrive and depart in their suits.
  • Restrooms will not be available for usage. We will keep practices less than 1.5 hours, so please use the bathroom before arriving.
  • You must bring your own equipment. No on-deck group equipment will be available, i.e. Kickboards, pull buoys, etc.
  • Athletes will have their temperature checked upon arrival, as needed (outside at the gate) and will not be permitted to enter should they show signs of a fever of 100.4F or higher.
  • There will be a designated area for athletes to leave their personal belongings to ensure social distancing on the deck. Once athletes enter the facility, they will immediately go to the designated area and await instructions from their coach.
  • Athletes should bring their own water bottles (already filled). Use of the water outlets at the facility are prohibited.
  • WAVES staff may choose to wear PPE masks. We encourage anyone entering the facility to do the same, however, swimmers may not wear masks while in the pool.
  • Athletes will swim with a maximum of ten (10) athletes per lane, starting from the deep end of the pool. Please note that in most cases, we will also be able to swim ten (10) athletes per lane, starting from opposite ends of the pool. See diagram at the pool.
  • Any athlete or staff experiencing any symptoms of a fever (100.4°F or higher), recent cough, unusual fatigue, headache or has had any exposure to someone who has any symptoms, (which includes family and friends) should remain at home and seek medical treatment. If any athlete or staff does have a fever or symptoms of illnesses, they may not attend practice until 14 days after the fever or symptoms have ceased. Athletes and staff must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COIVD-19.
  • For us all to stay healthy and be able to continue swimming, we ask our athletes to please practice responsible social distancing when they are away from the pool as well.
  • Athletes and families who travel by air, or to an area deemed high risk by the staff, will need to self-isolate for 14 days before returning to practice.
  • WAVES staff will be disinfecting the pool’s hard surfaces as recommended by CDC, state, local and USA Swimming guidelines.

    Should someone test positive in our membership, the following measures will take place:

    1. The individual should let the staff know immediately.
    2. Individual swimmers, per their discretion, will be expected to self-quarantine for 14 days and/or receive a negative COVID-19 Test [we have assigned training order during all practices, so we have a clear understanding of which athletes may be impacted by this].
    3. The facility will be closed as necessary so staff can deeply disinfect and clean facility.

    Best Regards,


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